Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Special Update: New Humble Bundle!

Greetings my loyal readers! (all.. 5 of you!)

I bring you a special update today to let you know about the latest Humble Bundle: Frozen Synapse.

Pay whatever you want and you get Frozen Synapse (a $25 value!), pay a bit more than the average purchase price (presently floating around $4), and you get Trine, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, Shadowground, Splort, and Jack Claw.

If they follow their usual pattern, they'll probably add something else to the bundle too!

As an added bonus, you can decide how much of the mone you want to go to two awesome charities (EFF and Childs Play), the developers, or the Humble Bundle people.

Act now! The bundle expires on October 12th!

(I totally did not blog this from work.)


  1. How do you know there are only 5 readers?

  2. You, two followers, my mom and my friend Grimm. 5. :p

  3. Not bad - i have one follower ;]
    Got Frozen Synapse a while ago (my friend bought pack with additional copy(s) and i have allredy humble with Trine so nothing interesting for me.

  4. I would follow you, but I can't understand a word of your Blog. >.>