Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Contest: Woo, the first contest! Wait, what's that? 2 contests?!

The 4th of July has come and gone. Massive sales on game sites are winding down, we're sick of giant balls of fire in the sky for another 366 days and it's back to the dreary, humdrum life of a working stiff until the next excuse to get drunk and party.

Also, it marks a month I've been running my blog, how incredibly uneventful is that? Well, let's spice things up and make it slightly eventful.

You see that icon over there in the corner, the black and white tin-type-shopped photo? That's what shows up for my blog on things like Failbook, and.. it's kinda 'meh' because it doesn't express a thing about my blog. It's just some weird schmuck dressed in a weird outfit, pointing a nerf gun at the camera man... I need a better one, but I'm not very artistic.

As such, the first contest is:
Design The Budget Gamer's Avatar!

To enter, create an entirely original 300x300 pixel image that conveys an idea of what The Budget Gamer is about, preferably in a color scheme that does not clash horribly with the rest of the Blog, and email it in a format that GIMP can open (if you are unsure ask me) to zolgar.thebudgetgamer@gmail.com Enter as many designs as you like.

Deadline: September 1st.

The winner will either be determined by me directly, or if I cannot decide on one myself a poll will be posted on on the Blog to allow my readers to pick from the finalists. Do note, however, a winner in this contest in not guaranteed, if no submissions meet my needs no winner will be chosen.

The prize: $10 worth of games from GOG.com (most likely a single game, unless there's a sale running), as well the winner might be commissioned to create a banner to match, if they are interested.

The fine print:
The artwork cannot contain any copyrighted images or trademarked likenesses for which the individual entering the contest does not own said copyright or trademark. The winner of the contest agrees to allow Josiah Higginson, AKA Zolgar, to use the image indefinitely and in any fashion he sees fit without any expectation of compensation beyond the noted prize. The winner of the contest also agrees not to use the image in any fashion aside from as an example of their work (such as in a portfolio), without prior approval from Josiah Higginson. Josiah Higginson agrees that he will not make use of any artwork not chosen as the winner, with the possible exception of it being posted to The Budget Gamer for the purposes of a poll as mentioned above, without consent of the artist.
(Honestly, just covering my arse.)

Now, I always hate it when I see an art-based contest, because I am a terrible artist. It also just so happens that I'm really new to this whole Blogging-thing.. so that leads us in to contest two:
Help Improve The Budget Gamer!

To enter, simply email your suggestions or feedback on The Budget Gamer to zolgar.thebudgetgamer@gmail.com Limit 1 entry per person, however.
It should be noted that when I say feedback or suggestions, I mean articulate ones which I can use. I don't expect a 5 page long dissertation as to why my Blog sucks, however I do need more than "make it funny" or "it's good". I'm not going to set an arbitrary word limit, but I do require at least a full paragraph.

Deadline: September 1st

The winner will be determined at random by the emails being assigned a number, then a number being chosen by random.org. If there is an exceptional number of entries, I simply feel generous, or I find a particular entry exceptionally useful, more than 1 winner may be chosen.

The prize: $10 worth of games from GOG.com (most likely a single game, unless there's a sale running)

This contest doesn't need fine print, but because I feel like it:
No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, bribing Zolgar with bacon may increase your odds of winning. I like puppies.

Well folks, that's it! Let's see my in box get flooded, eh?

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