Sunday, June 26, 2011

Special update: Dirt-cheap Indie bundles.

Salutations my loyal readers.. all.. 2 of you.

I come to you this fine day with a special notice, you can get 11 indie-developed games for the low-low price of $10! How awesome is that. Not only do you get games for less than a buck a piece, but you can also support indie developers.

I haven't played any of these yet, I'll admit.. so they might all be dogs, it's a risk I'm willing to take for SCIENCE! though. If nothing else, both of you will be able to enjoy me ranting about how terrible the games are in a few weeks. I'm still supporting indie developers, too. I support indie developers, even if their games suck, just like I do with musicians.

So, I bring you:
$5 for 5 games
-Delve Deeper
-Spring Harmony
-Steel Storm: Burning Retribution
It asks for personal info, all you have to give it legitly is an email. You'll probably get spam for it, but that's what an email devoted to spam and advertisements is for!
*Download links may not last forever.

$10 for 6 games, save 50% if you share it on failbook.
-City Rain
-Bob came in pieces
-Lylian Paranoid Friendship 
If you don't have a failbook, or don't want to share the link with your friends, you can pay the $10, still not a bad deal.
*Download link will work 9 times.

All games are DRM free, so if you're concerned you can always burn them to a backup disk as soon as you download the installers.

Act now though, these deals will expire in a week!

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